Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Newborn Photography Sessions:

If you let me know your due date, I will block out time on either side to make sure I can fit you in. You then contact me once the baby has been born so we can decide on a specific date. Newborns are usually best scheduled for 10 am, this from experience is the optimum time for a happy and sleepy mood.

Sibling photos are so lovely and encouraged. If it’s a younger sibling who will get bored waiting then it’s a good idea to have another adult bring them to join for the last 30-60 mins.

I will be working with natural light in your home, so clear a space near a window (please don’t worry about tidying the rest of the house, I know how tiring having a baby is).
I will bring a selections of props with me, when you’ve read the welcome guide you can let me know what to bring.

During the Sessions:

I want their personalities to show in the images. A true representation of how they are. If they don’t want to sit, then making them sit will cause more issues. I will be patient and non-judgemental, I have 3 children myself so I know how they can be. Distracting them with tickles or funny games tends to work a lot better than telling them off….so it’s worth relaxing any normal rules you have.

If you think your child needs more space or is to shy for a studio setting. Then I can also come to your own home, where they have their own comforts around. Or an outdoor location, where they can run around and have natural images playing and interacting with family.

Book a Mini session – if you are ok with the one location and day chosen by me and a 20-minute session. Perfect amount of time to get a selection of poses.

Book a Full session – if you would prefer to choose your location or have a studio session. On a day chosen by you. Full sessions are up to an hour (or longer for newborns), and they allow time for children to warm up to the camera, to do a larger amount of poses, outfit changes and combinations of different group photos.

I schedule mini sessions at one place and on one day. This allows several families to come one after the other throughout the day. Generally, mini sessions are also seasonal flowers that aren’t out for long. So it wouldn’t work spreading these out over different days.

Once you’ve booked a session you will receive a welcome guide with all the information on what to bring and prepare.

Additional Images and Discounts:

Yes, you can buy however many you would like. I give discounts on the images so the more you buy the cheaper the price will be.

4 Sessions + 5 digitals from each
Saving £150 plus a gorgeous accordion print to showcase your best 6 images. Capture the journey from Maternity to your little one’s first cake smash.

Enjoy four photo sessions (Maternity, Newborn, Sitter (6-8 months) and Cake Smash. 


Prints are complimentary to the package, they can’t be exchanged for digitals.

The final images you receive are high-resolution digital files meaning you can print to whatever size you like. Please note that my computer is calibrated to the printer I use, printing from an outside company will give varying results as they use different processes and colours.


No, I don’t give out unedited images as these aren’t a true representation of my work and are a half-finished product. Giving out unedited images is like going to a restaurant and asking for the ingredients to cook yourself.

Wait Time:

2 days after your session I will upload the images onto a personal web gallery. From here you choose your images and within 2 weeks of choosing you will receive your final images.

If you would like one or two images quicker for a specific date then I can accommodate this free of charge. If you would like more than this then you can pay a “rushed fee”. This is to be fair to all clients on the waitlist and is the extra cost for me to work unsociable hours to get these to you quicker. Contact me for a quote on this.

Outdoor Locations:

If there is a likely hood of rain then I will reschedule your session. If the session is going to be cloudy then this will go ahead, you’d be surprised to know that cloudy is beautiful lighting for photography.

Any location within 30 minutes of my address in Chislehurst is included in the £30 call-out fee. Please enquire with the postcode for a precise cost.