Mayfield Lavender Farm, Family Portraiture

As you enter the Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead, Surrey you will be amazed by the sea of purple cascading into the distance. The large fields are a childhood dream for running carefree in the summer sunshine.

This fantastic dreamy backdrop with beautiful colours is going to be amazing on my wall at home and I can’t wait to print it.

My 2 sons and two nieces visited the lavender farm on the 30th of June, driving up from Bromley, Kent which took about 40 mins.

Photo shoot’s in the Lavender are so much fun, Children and Babies can be themselves, run through the lavender and catch glimpses of wildlife, bees, butterflies, crickets. I have a selection of tricks to make your Children smile, laugh and enjoy themselves, creating timeless memories capturing the essence of their childhood. Along with some posed images if they are willing.

After the photo shoot you are free to explore the fields by foot or enjoy a tractor ride. There is also a gorgeous cafe that serves hot food, ice creams and coffee. The Lavender choc chip ice cream is amazing :-). The shop sells an array of lavender products, oils, and plants.

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